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authors note:  Here's to everyone who reads my fics and tells me what they think...wether they like it or not...I appreciate knowing honestly what ppl think.  Consider this chapter a present...coz I'm going on vacation for a week and won't be able to post it next week...also, it's a lot longer than a usual chapter...I was on a roll...::grin::

What's in Dreams
Chapter 7
July 8th, 2001

   T.K. was miserable.  Really miserable.  He also felt really stupid.  Why did I have to yell at Kari and Gatomon like that? he asked himself, it’s not their fault.  The problem is that we’re at war with destiny.   Destiny.  How do you fight that? T.K. shook his head in confusion.
   “Look up.”
   “Huh?” T.K.’s head shot up and he looked for the source of the voice.  It was familiar somehow, but he couldn’t figure out where he’d heard it.
   “Look up.”
   Looking up at the ceiling in his bedroom, all he could see was just that, the ceiling in his bedroom.
   “Not there.”
   “Who's there?” T.K. asked in frustration.  “Patamon?”
   Sighing, T.K. dragged his body out of bed and went outside.  He gasped when he saw the sky.  It was changing colours; green, then blue, than red, than black, over and over again.  Then he noticed the light.  It was directly over-top of him, coming from within the building, but spilling out onto another tenant’s balcony.  That’s when he heard the noise.  It was like a child crying, and then he heard a loud crash from the apartment two floors up, the sky returned to normal and the crying sound stopped.  In fact, it was as though all the sounds in the world had stopped.  T.K. was starting to think he had gone deaf, when he heard the phone ring.  He nearly jumped out of his skin.
   “T.K., it’s Ken, come to Yolei’s right now,” and then he hung up.
   T.K. stood there for a few minutes staring at the reciever in his hand in confusion.  What’s going on here? he thought to himself, Wait a minute.  That’s Yolei’s apartment that the light and the noise came from!
   T.K. bolted out of his apartment and took the steps up to Yolei’s apartment two at a time, not even bothering the wait for the elevator.  When he got there, he found Ken holding Yolei curled up on the floor.  She looked really abnormally pale, and T.K. was immediately concerned.
   “What happened here?” he asked.
   Ken looked up, he had tears in his eyes, he nodded silently towards something glowing in front of the computer screen.  T.K. was shocked to find a crest and a tag lying there.  It had a symbol he had never seen before.
   “How did you...” T.K. asked, picking it up and bringing to where Yolei still hadn’t moved.
   “A while back, Yolei had this dream.  It wasn’t like the other dreams, this one was different.  It told her to create a program that would use a digidestined’s energy, combined with their digi-eggs to create a tag and crest,” Ken explained, his voice cracking.
   “But, what for?” T.K. asked in confusion.
   “In order to allow their digimon to digivolve into ultimates, and possibly even into megas.”
   T.K. was shocked at what he was hearing.  “And you let her go through with this??!?”
   Ken sighed, a shaky sigh.  Stroking Yolei’s hair, a tear slipped down his face, “Winter said it would be okei.  But--” his voice caught, “so--something went wrong.  I don’t know what to do...”
   T.K. quickly walked towards them and checked Yolei’s neck for a pulse.  Finding none, he started to feel the first tendrils of panic set in.  He dropped the tag and crest on the floor next to Yolei and quickly got Ken to lay her flat on the ground.  He began to do CPR.  After several minutes, still not detecting a pulse, T.K. stopped in defeat.
   “I already tried that,” Ken said, “What have I done??”
   “Nothing that didn’t have to be done,” a new voice piped up.
   “You!” Ken hissed, glaring at the small girl who had appeared out of nowhere, “You did this! You said she would be okei.  You lied to me!” he choked on a sob.  He felt as though his world were being torn apart and he was useless to do anything about it.
   “Where is Poromon?” Winter asked calmly as though nothing were amiss.
   For the first time, T.K. and Ken realised that neither of them had seen the small in-training digimon.
   “What difference does it make?!” T.K. shouted in frustration.
   “Put the tag and crest in Yolei’s hands,” she ordered just as calmly as before.
   “No!  That stupid thing has done enough damage!” Ken yelled.
   Winter sighed and placed the tag and crest into Ken’s hands, as though he were the child and she the grown-up.  The crest began to glow softly, and Ken felt something inside of him be soothed.  Sighing, he bent over Yolei and kissed her gently on the forehead, “I’m sorry,” he whispered, placing the tag and crest into her limp, lifeless hands. 
   Immediatly the crest began to glow brighter, filling with room with a brilliant violet light.  Suddenly Yolei’s body jerked up and she gasped, trying to fill her deflated lungs with air.  Slowly her breathing began to even out, though it was still very shallow.  A shadow fell over them and Ken and T.K. looked up.  Both gasped when they saw a tall, slender boy standing there.  But he wasn’t really a boy, he was also part bird, having the wings of an eagle and feather’s instead of hair.  He also carried what looked like a flute.
   “Are you...”  T.K. started.
   “I am Cantusmon,” he said in a melodious voice, “I am the ultimate form of Poromon.  And I think that we should get Yolei to a hospital.  Her physical body needs help if it’s going to survive.”   
   Ken looked around the room, almost sighing in relief.
   “Where did she go?” T.K. asked.
   “I don’t know, but I don’t trust her,” Ken answered.

   “T.K.!!  Oh T.K., I’m so so—sor—sorry--”
   T.K. looked down at Kari sobbing into his chest and wrapped his arms tightly around her, “Kari?!  What are you doing here?  And don’t be sorry, I’m the idiot, I’m sorry.”
   They were standing in the waiting room at the emergency room.  T.K. and Ken had just arrived with Yolei.  As soon as they had walked into the waiting room, Kari had flung herself into his arms, sobbing.  Looking around, T.K. noticed that both Davis and Tai were also there, the former looking about as good as Ken did right now, and the latter looking like he might like to kill a certain younger sister’s boyfriend.
   She looked up, having calmed down only a little, “It’s—it’s Kone—Koneko,” she stammered out between sobs and hiccups.
   The blood drained from T.K.’s face.  He knew about Koneko’s dad.  He hoped it wasn’t too bad, but from the look on Davis’ face and from Kari’s distress, he could tell that it was probably really bad.  He looked towards Tai with a questioning look on his face.  Seeing T.K. apologize and comfort his sister, Tai softened a little.
   “She’s in surgery right now.  She has a lot of internal bleeding, some broken ribs, a punctured lung and her left wrist was snapped.  They had to put pins in it,” Tai reported, shaking his head in anger.  “I just can’t understand people who can do stuff like that,” he muttered.  Then, realising for the first time that T.K. and Ken were there for no apparent reason, he asked what was going on, a knot of dread forming in his stomach.
   T.K. quickly explained to them about Yolei and the making of the crest and tag.  Just as he was finishing, a doctor came in asking about the whereabouts of Yolei’s family.  Ken explained that they were out of town for a month on an extended vacation.  Yolei was out of school for a week on vacation and had decided to come and spend some time at home, were she could get some peace and quiet.
   “Yolei is currently sedated in order to give her body some time to regain it’s energy,” the doctor shook his head in confusion, “Now, you both are sure you have no idea what happened?  You just walked in and found her unconscious and were unable to wake her, right?”
   T.K. and Ken nodded together. No way would they be able to explain what had happened.  Even if they did, they doubted that the doctor would believe them.
   Just as the first doctor was leaving, another entered.  Davis recognized him immediately and jumped up anxiously.  The doctor’s face said it all.
   “Can I see her?” he asked shakily.
   The doctor nodded, “She’s slipped into a coma, there was a lot of swelling around the cerebrum, and she was without oxygen for some time before you found her.  We’re hoping for the best, but we are expecting some brain damage, and she may possibly never wake up.”
   The news was like a slap in the face to all of them.  They hadn’t known Koneko as long as they had known each, she only moved to Odaiba when they were all in the 10th grade, but she had become a fast friend to all of them.  They began to notice the bruises only a few months after she had moved, though she denied anything was going on.  One day, though, there was an accident while going to the digital world and Koneko had ended up coming along for the ride.  Not expecting the rough landing, she threw out her shoulder.  While helping her to wrap it, Kari finally confronted her.  Sobbing, she had explained that her father was only like that because he was unhappy with his job, and that she was a bad kid and deserved it.  Kari was furious when she heard this.  T.K. and Davis had also been around, and therefore they knew as well.  The other’s had an idea of something going on, but they didn’t know the details.
   Pale and shaking, Davis proceeded to Koneko’s room in the intensive care ward while Ken followed behind, heading to Yolei’s room.
   T.K., Kari and Tai stood in the waiting staring at each other in shock.
   “T.K.?” Kari asked quietly, her voice still a little warbly.  She was extremely grateful that T.K. was there, she had felt as though her world were falling apart when Davis had called them all in a panic.  He had found Koneko’s broken and battered body lying on the living room floor.  He would’ve gotten in with the ambulance, but they had also had to bring in her mother, who was in less serious condition, but currently sedated.  Kari and Tai drove over to Koneko’s and picked Davis up.  Kari’s world fell apart when she saw them load one of her best friends into the ambulance, black and blue and her face swollen and deformed.
   “Yes, Kari?” he replied, still holding her, as much for his own comfort as for her’s.
   “Why would Winter hurt us like this?”
   “Because Winter doesn’t play with the same rule book as we do,” Sora’s angry voice replied from behind them.
   “What do you mean, Sora?” Tai asked, still confused at what was happening between Sora and Winter.
   “Winter doesn’t answer to us, she doesn’t answer to the Watcher.  The only thing Winter answers to is destiny.”
   “You’re right, Sora,” Winter appeared behind them, still dressed in the sapphire yukata,  “but even destiny answers to something.”

End of Chapter 7
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I hope this makes up for the lack of digimon in the previous chapter....I'm trying to put a little humour into this...but I'm kinda stuck in a sad-rut....
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