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Digimon Season 4: The Digimon Heroes Part Three
by Magnadragatomon

   The Digimon Heroes were dumbfounded...  A new enemy?  What could this mean? 
   Finally Taka asked Gennai, "Well who are they?" 
   Gennai approved of Taka and said, "Well...three enemies await you--Doletamon, Kupokamon, and Quantlemon. But!..."          "What is it, Gennai," Kari asked. 
   Gennai approved Kari too.  "Well the thing is you have new friends as well--two, to be exact.  Graci and Widy will be joining you..."
   Suddenly Graci and Widy appeared before them.  Immediatly Taka fell in love with Graci.  Widy, on the other hand, immediatly fell in love with Kuralee.  Kuralee and Graci on the other hand, didn't look too fond of the two boys who were staring with heart eyes.
   Gennai asked, "What's your silence all of a sudden?"
   The Digimon Heroes said, "Nothing."
   The Digimon Heroes went home and Graci walked home with Kuralee.  Kuralee and Graci smiled at each other and they went home. Kuralee said, "Do you want to be my friend?" 
   Graci smiled and said, "Of course."

-To Be Continued-

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