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author’s note:  I’m thinking  about merging the Prolog  and Part 1 together.  They’re both kind  of short and really are  just telling what’s going to happen.

Two Horrible
Part 1

“Can you hear me?
I shout into the night,
The endless black that surrounds us all,
Fight against it only to be beaten,
Can you hear me?
All lies,
Love, life, friendships . . .”

   Matt stopped at that part of his song.  This wasn’t right somehow; it didn’t sound like something he would write.  Usually, he’d write about being strong and trusting your friends.  But he found this music sheet with the simple lyrics on it, in his writing, on his nightstand when he awoke.  Interested and half-creeped out, Matt began to sing it, even more freaked out at how deep and dark the lyrics are.
   “Did I write these?” he asked himself out loud.  “Since when did I think friendship was a lie?  I don’t have the crest of friendship for nothing.”
   “Matt?” a knock on his door came floating to Matt’s ears.  His younger brother, TK, stood in the half open door, looking just as creeped out,  “you wrote that?”
   “I don’t know . . . I hope I didn’t,” Matt answered truthfully.  He crumpled the paper up and through it into the trash bin.  “Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.”
   TK smiled, reassured now.  “Good, because you’re late for school.”
   Matt looked at his clock.  It said 7:54 am.  He was late!  Quickly, Matt got his things together, ran into the kitchen, grabbed a piece of toast, said hi and bye to his father, and then ran out the house to his school.
   “Hey! That was mine!” his father called after Matt.  When Matt didn’t come back, he just sighed and went back to reading  his newspaper.
   TK came and sat down at the table, grinning.
   “Aren’t you going to be late for school, too?” his father questioned.
   “No.  I changed his clock to be an hour early,” TK smirked.
   “That wasn’t nice to trick your brother like that.”
   “Don’t worry, he’ll thank me when it’s all over,” TK went to get his things ready so he wouldn't have to explain to his father what he meant by that.  Sora had said that she wanted to talk to Matt without having to wait out a band practice or pass him notes in class, so TK had made it possible.  Just another friendly deed done by the cute blonde.


   Sora looked up and saw Matt rushing down the street.  She smiled, knowing the reason why Matt was running.  TK was a true friend to depend on.
   “Hey, Matt, what’s the hurry?” she stepped in front of her boyfriend.
   “I’m . . . going to be . . . late . . .” Matt breathed.  He was fit, but no hundred-yard dasher!
   Sora giggled, “You’ve got a whole hour before starts, silly!”
   Matt opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it, confused.
   “Want to walk with me for a bit?  I want to talk to you,” Sora grabbed Matt’s arm and dragged him onto the campus.  She knew that Matt was already in a confused state, but he needed to know what was happening.  She has kept this for a secret too long, and she needed to tell him before he found out and took the wrong way.
   “Sora,” Matt said, regaining his composure.  They were out of site from any prying eyes, alone.  “Something weird happened this morning, and it got me to think of the importance of friendship . . . our relationship . . .”
   “Go on, Matt,” Sora encouraged.  She was always there to listen and give advice when someone needed it.  Once he got this off his chest, she would tell him.
   “Well, it made realize . . . that . . . ” Matt decided to let his actions speak for him.  He leaned over to Sora and gave her a passionate kiss.  When he pulled away for a breath, he whispered, “I love you so much.”
   Sora didn’t say anything, but let Matt kiss her again.  She couldn’t tell him - not now.  Maybe later, when he isn’t so . . . romantic .
   Matt smiled inwardly, knowing that Sora was his girl and that it would stay that way forever.  It didn’t matter what anyone else said.  Everyone was kind of against him and Sora being an item.  Even his best friend, Tai always seemed to be uneasy about their relationship, but that didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that he had Sora to love.


   The Watcher walked down the street to her school, figuring out how to tell the chosen that they would have to save the worlds from evil.  She knew that they had done it before, but this was different, completely different from those --
   “Hey, watch it!” a boy with blonde hair said as Jun bumped into him.
   “Sorry,” she mumbled, then recognized him.  He was with Davis yesterday.  One of the chosen!
   “You don’t seem too happy, Jun,” he observed.  He was kind at first, but then remember who he was he was talking to and then said quickly, “Well, I got to go.”
   “Wait!” Jun grabbed his arm.  “I need to talk to you, now!”
   “What for?” he looked suspiciously at her.  “Come on, let go, or I’m going to be late.”
   “Screw school!  It’s the day after the finals, so everyone will be taking it easy.  Now, let’s go!” Jun pulled TK away from the school.
   “Jun, stop this!” he tried to pry himself from her grip, however, thank the body, it was a strong grip.  She’s more like a man than me! TK realized.
   When they were down an alleyway, Jun let go of the boy, and sighed.  “Okay, first off, you should know that I’m not Jun.”
   “Oh, I understand completely,” the boy said with a fake smile. “You’re her evil twin that came back after all these years to ruin her life, right?”
   “Shut up, jackass!  I’m serious here!  Now, listen to me very carefully, because this won’t be easy to swallow.  I.  Am.  Not.  Jun.  I am a spirit possessing her body to help the chosen through the Final, and no, I don’t mean the school’s Final.  I mean the Final Day that will decide if life is worthy enough to go on.”
   “What?!  Jun, what have you been sniffing?”  Probably the same stuff that makes her hallucinate about her and Matt being together.
   “Don’t push me, pretty-boy!  I know that you’re a Digi-destined!”
   The boy stared at Jun for a moment, studding her very carefully.  He looked into her eyes and saw that they looked different.  They were still the same shade of brown, but they weren’t glazed over with her thoughts of Matt being hers.  They were deeper and seemed to hold the knowledge of many lives.
   “Who are you?” he asked, finally.
   “The Watcher,” she said simply.
   “Why are you doing this?”
   “Hey, I didn’t want to do this! I would rather just-”
   “I meant why are you possessing Jun’s body?  There are better choices, you know.”
   “Yeah, I know, but I can’t help it.  I don’t decide on where I go, when I do it, or whom I do it in.  All I can do is my job and then wait until my boss pulls me back into the human world to do it again.  Oh, you know what?  We should get the others and tell this to all at once.  It’ll be much better than repeating it several times.”
   “Yeah, I guess so,” he pulled out a small computer and e-mailed his friends.  “By the way, I’m TK.”
   “Nice to meet you.”


   “So, what’s so important that we had to miss school for?” Yolei asked, a little annoyed.  Everyone was at the park, where TK told to meet him and Jun.  “Why is she here?”
   “Nice to meet you, too, Yolei” the Watcher sneered.  TK had told her about everyone when they were waiting for the others to arrive.  “First off, I’m not Jun-”
   “Her evil twin?” Davis sneered.
   “Is that a theme with you guys or something?” the Watcher glared at TK, but then turned back to Davis, and said in a serious voice, “No, I’m a spirit that is possessing your sister’s body.”
   “Okay . . . What have you been sniffing?”
   The Watcher sighed and looked straight into Daivs’s eyes.  “You are so sure of yourself, Davis, that it's almost sickening!  I know this doesn’t happen every day, but you have to believe me.”
   “Why should we?” Cody asked.
   “Guys, she knows we’re Digi-destined,” TK butted in.  Everyone looked at him, suspeciously at him.  “Hey, take it easy!  I didn’t tell her!”
   “I saw you guys go into the Digital World yesterday,” the Watcher added to make TK’s statement more believable.  Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect on Davis.
   “Ha-ha, very funny,” Davis turned to go.
   “Asshole!” she breathed and sent a ball of water flying to the back of his head.
   “What the heck!?” Davis spun around, flinging water on everyone.  “Who was it that through that water balloon?”
   “It wasn’t a water balloon,” Kari said, almost not believing what she was saying.
   “Well, what was it then?” Davis asked, sarcastically.
   “‘Twas this,” the Watcher formed another ball of water and let it hover inches in front of Jun’s flat chest.  “Can your sister do this, Davis?”
   Davis just stared for a moment with his jaw slacked a little.  After a moment, though, he regained his composure.  “Alright, if you aren’t Jun, then where is my sister?  My parents will kill me when they find out!”
   “Don’t worry, your parents don’t have to know,” the Watcher smiled.  “I can play the role of Jun when I need to.  And don’t worry about your sister.  She’s . . . safe for now.”
   “What do I care?  If she stays there, wherever there is, I’ll get her room,” Davis smirked.
   The Watcher turned to TK, and whispered, “Is he always this cruel?”
    “Jun’s even worse,” TK whispered back.
   She sighed and said, “Okay, forget about Jun for a bit.  Right now, I need to prepare all of you for what will happen in the next two months.”
   They all sat down on the grass and waited for the Watcher to tell her story.  The Watcher made the water ball disappear and then sat down and sighed, “All right, first off, you should know that this has been going on for many centuries, since humans have used weapons.  Every time, there would be a group of people who would have to defeat an evil in order to let life go on.  If they failed, every thing would be wiped away from existence - everything - not one blade of grass or drop of water would survive.  Now that group of people is you.”
   “Why were we chosen to fight the evil?” Yolie asked.
   “Because you’re the Digi-destined of this time.  That’s how they always decided on who will be the chosen.”
   “There’s been digi-destine in the past?” Kari asked.
   “Yes, the Digital World has been around as long as the Human world, if not longer.  The two worlds got linked together when a few humans got into the Digital World for the first time, and now it’s either they both exist or neither does.  They are trying to make sure that both worlds are okay, I guess.”
   “Who are ‘they’?” Cody questioned.
   “Beats me,” the Watcher admitted, making everyone grown.
   “You mean we’ve been chosen by an unknown thing, to defeat an evil that’s been around since the begining of human kind?” Kari asked, a little desperately.
   “Yes, in a nut shell, that would be correct.”
   “And how long have you been doing this?  What are you supposed to do, for that matter?” TK asked.
   “Um . . . I’m not really supposed to do anything besides telling the chosen what they’re in for.  Before I started this, the chosen were on their own, which would always end in disaster.  I’ve been doing this for sixty-four lives.”
   “Sixty-four years?  That’s old!” Yolei blurted out.
   “No, no,” the Watcher smiled.  “Not years, lives.  I don’t know how old I am anymore.  I’m just a spirit, remember that.  I use to be a human, but I died, and whatever chooses the chosen also chose me as . . . the guide, I guess.  I keep coming in and out of life, possessing people to pass on the message . . .”
   The Watcher got lost in her memories of the days she would spend, trying to convince the chosen that she wasn’t completely crazy . . . Sometimes she had to wait until the evil showed itself for them to believe her.  It was a little funny sometimes when they found out, but every time it would end in sadness . . . She snapped out of her trip to the past and looked at everyone, who were all looking at her, waiting for her to continue.
   “So, um, anyhow, has there been anything strange that has happened recently?  I mean, besides me, as there been anything out of the usual?”
   “Hmm . . . No, not really . . .” Cody answered.
   “I got a B on my test, that’s unusual,” Davis piped up.
   The Watcher looked at him, confused.  “A bee, as in the insect?”
   Now everyone was looking confused at her.  The Watcher just shrugged, trying to get them to stop looking at her like that.  It was unnerving and uncomfortable.  She coughed, “Um, never mind.  I meant something a little more unusual . . . Any crazy people running around and doing harmful acts to other people?”
   “No . . . Just the usual robbers, rapists, terrorists, and politicians,” Yolie said, half-casually, and half-sarcastically.
   “This is getting no where fast,” the Watcher sighed, shaking her head.  “Then again, it is kind of early, so the evil may or may not have not risen yet . . .”
   “Just what is the evil?” TK asked.
   “It’s like the thing that picks the chosen;  no one knows it until it gets into a person.  Then the person is taken over with dark, depressing thoughts.”
   “That doesn’t seem too bad,” Yolie interrupted.  When everyone looked at her, she added, “Uh, I meant that it could cause anything, like all of life to end.”
   “But, with all those depressing thoughts, the person doesn’t want to live or for anything else to live either.  Soon the thoughts turn into actions and somehow, the person gains the power to destroy the worlds.”
    “But it could be any depressed maniac!”
   “Yeah, that’s what the evil likes, so many people to choose from,” the Watcher explained.  “But the person the evil will choose to use has to be someone who is strong-willed, thick-headed, and not one who would look before leaping.”
All the destined turned to look at Davis.

End of Part 1
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