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Here’s part 2!! Hope you like! This fic was started before part 1 was posted, so I was not influenced by any one person. It was tough to decide who Kari liked. I was originally going to do 6 endings (all 5 guys, and 1 surprize guy), but that would have been to difficult. On day I will write a fic about the person I almost chose, but changed my mind. Oh well, now to the long awaited conclusion (and thanx to all you who reviewed, and in advance to those who will the future.

Teen Troubles
Chapter 2

"Come on Kari, spill!! You know I can keep a secret!!"

"Well..." started Kari.

Hey!! Don’t spoil it for the readers!!


"Will you tell me once you tell this boy you like him?"

"Of course! The author is being very mean and won’t let me tell you yet."

I heard that!!!

"Just pipe down and get on with the story will you?"

But what kind of story would this be if I didn’t throw in my 2 cents? I’m the author, and I can put you with anybody, even the guy who pisses you off most!

"Ok ok, you can interrupt now and then, but can we please get on with the story?"

::sigh:: Alright.

"Ok then. Just be patient Gatomon. You’ll find out soon enough."

"Ok, but all this waiting makes me even more of a curious kitty!"

With that, Kari and Gatomon headed home. All the boys had also all gone home, taking their Digimon with them as well. Everyone needed a good night's sleep, since the next day was Freshman Orientation, the first day of High School.

Orientation was boring. All Kari could think about was how to make her confession. She decided that the best way was to play hard-to-get.

She spent the rest of the day planning her little game. She had to make it perfect, surprising her guy at the last minute after misleading him. She knew it was mean, but it was testing if her guy truly liked her or not.

The next morning, Kari dressed her best, but nothing too fancy. She wore her trademark Digital Camera around her neck. Kari wished she could bring Gatomon with her, but she knew it wasn’t possible.

When she arrived at school, Kari said hello too all the friends she missed over the summer. But those reunions didn’t last long, for the bell to go to homeroom rang.

In her homeroom, Kari spotted Ken, TK, Davis, Cody, and to her surprise, Wallace. He decided to stay in America as Cody’s guest until the first half of the year ended in January (hey, I couldn’t leave him out of this!!). Perfect! thought Kari. Now I can find his locker easily, and not have the other guys get suspicious before I make my confession!

The day was boring and went by very slowly. But finally, the final bell rang, and the kids headed home. Kari made her move, and slipped a note into her boy's locker. It told him to meet her after school on Wednesday, and that she wanted to say something about friends saying good bye (Note: I couldn’t think of a good poem), cause she wanted to get her guy to think she didn’t like him, and then tell him that she did more than any other.

Since it was only Monday (yes orientation was on a Sunday!), the boy who was to receive the note had plenty of time to make plans to stay after school that day. Kari just hoped something didn’t come up so he would have to cancel her plans.

Tuesday went by so slowly, and Wednesday wasn’t much better and was just as boring. But finally the last bell rang of Wednesday, and Kari rushed outside to wait for her man to arrive.

She waited, and waited, and waited, until she could wait no longer. She dropped her shoulders in defeat and prepared to head home when she head a voice coming from behind her.


Kari turned around to see TK running towards her.

"TK, what are you doing out this late?"

"Well, you did ask me in that note you sent to meet you after school today."

"What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for 2 hours!!"

"Well, you did say about an ending friendship, and I was afraid."

"I didn’t mean it in that way!!"

"Huh?" TK was very confused.

"TK, you’re the one I like."

"You’re kidding."

"No kind, I really do like you!!"

"Holy Shit!"

Kari laughed at this, TK never swore before! TK laughed back, and together the laughed until their sides were sore. Then TK walked Kari home. On the way they decided to go out to the movies on Friday night, and then go out someplace for dinner.

Tai gave TK a ride home, since it was getting dark. Kari was never so relieved after getting her feelings off her chest. She went into her bedroom, where Gatomon was waiting for her to spill.

"So, are you going out yet?"

"Yep, Friday night."

"Well, what does poor Gatomon get to do then?" Gatomon asked sadly.

"I’ll have TK bring Patamon over if you want."


The next day at school, Kari found Wallace, Cody, Davis, and Ken, so she could tell them all the big news before they all killed each other. TK was with her when they all met up in the school courtyard.

"What do you think you’re doing walking to school with Kari, TM?!" yelled Davis.

"Davis, I was just about to tell you!"

"Tell me what?"

"To tell all of you that I am going out with TK."

"WHAT!!!!! What’s he got that I don’t??"

"Davis, why don’t you leave them be?" Ken shouted at him.

"Shut up Ken, I thought you liked Kari too!"

"I do, but I’m happy if she’s happy. It doesn’t matter to me who she’s with, but I still do wish it was me. But if she wants TK, I’m cool with that."

"What about you Cody??"

"Actually, I’m going to have to agree with Ken on that one Davis."


"I agree with Ken and Cody. Besides, I’m going back to America in January anyway."

"I can’t believe you three!!!"

"Davis, if you can’t accept her decision, then you don’t deserve her anyway!" shouted TK.

"What do you know, TA?"

"Davis, do me a big favor and shut the F*** up!!!" Kari screamed in his face. Then she and TK walked off, giving him the cold shoulder.

"I’ll get you for this TK!!" said Davis shaking his fist in the direction in which Kari and TK furiously marched.

"Davis, just leave them alone!" cried a voice from behind them. Davis, Ken, Cody and Wallace turned to see Yolei, who had seen, or rather heard, the whole argument.

"You are the biggest jerk, Davis! Can’t you see, Kari likes TK, not you, and even if she did, she would never go out with you with that attitude of yours!"

Suddenly the bell rang to go to class. Kari and TK walked hand in hand into the building as Davis watched, getting all steamed up. Boy, was he pissed. So pissed that he was determined to kick the crap out of TK. Then Kari would think he was a wuss and leave him.

The rest of the day went normal, except for the fact that Kari and TK wouldn’t stay out of each other’s sight, like they were attached at the hip or something.

After school, TK walked home with Kari, since she had invited him to dinner at her house.

Dinner went alright, that is, if you ignore the fact that Tai teased TK and Kari the whole time. Dessert was better, since Tai was too busy shoving strawberry shortcake in his mouth. TK and Kari made Tai promise not to ask anything about their date when he dropped them off and picked them up ( 14 year olds can’t drive you know!).

By the next day at school, practically everyone at school knew about the relationship between TK and Kari. Most congratulated them, except Davis and his small group, who were pissed off.

Before she knew it, Kari was ready to go out. She sat in her room waiting for TK to arrive.

"Now, be sure to have a good time, and don’t forget to kiss him!"

"Gatomon, you’re silly!!!"

Ding Dong!!

Kari jumped at the sound. Omigosh!! she thought. He’s here!

"Kari!" Tai yelled, "TK’s here!"

"Send him on up!"

TK slowly climbed the stairs to her room, Patamon on his shoulder, and flowers in his left hand.

He reached the door to Kari’s room and opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Finally, "H-Hello Kari!"

"Oh, TK, hi! Come on in!" Kari replied nervously.

Patamon jumped off TK’s shoulder and walked up to Gatomon, and together the two walked to Kari’s computer and turned it on (hey, Digimon are smart enough to work a computer!).

"Um, uh, these are for you," said TK, handing the flowers to Kari.

"Oh, TK, their beautiful!!" Kari said as she put them in a vase. She was just about to kiss him when Tai walked in the door.

"Are you two ready yet? You don’t want to miss the movie do you?"

The car ride to the theater was spent in silence. Kari and TK were too nervous to speak to each other, and Tai was actually keeping his promise to keep his mouth shut.

At the movies, TK insisted that he get the tickets and the popcorn. Kari tried to talk him out of it, but TK was persistent.

The movie was alright, and TK and Kari held hands the entire time. When they were waiting to be seated at the restaurant, they bumped into Tai and Matt, and the four of them decided to eat together. Tai and Matt were so thrilled, that they paid for the entire bill.

TK and Kari wanted a little time alone, so Tai dropped them off at the park. They found an empty set of swings that they used for a while. Meanwhile, they talked about how their summer was and what they did.

Before either of them knew it, it was nearly 11 PM. Their parents must be getting worried. TK walked Kari to her house.

"I hope you had a good time Kari."

"Of course! We should do it again sometime soon!’

"You bet we will!"

TK leaned in close and closed his eyes. Kari knew what was going to happen next, so she just closed her eyes and waited.

TK kissed her softly on the lips for a few seconds, then pulled away.

"Is that all I’m worth?" Kari teased.

"No, but if Tai sees me, I’m in big trouble for sure!"

"Not if he doesn’t find out!"

Before TK could respond, Kari pulled him close and kissed him passionately on the lips. She placed her arms around his neck and leaned back.

She leaned a little too far back, and right into the doorbell, unnoticed by either her or TK. They were still kissing when Tai opened the door. They heard the door open and opened their eyes, lips still pressed together, to see Tai in the doorway clapping.

"Way to go TK!"

Matt had already taken Patamon home to TK’s house. There was no need to hide him because all their parents knew about Digimon and the Digital world (but not all the fancy schmancy details).

Even though it was late, TK wanted to walk home. He had some left-over money, so he decided to take one of the city busses.

On the way, TK felt like someone was following him. He shrugged it off and continued his journey. Suddenly, TK felt himself being tackled to the ground. He looked up and found himself looking straight into the eyes of Davis Motomiya.

"What did you think you were doing kissing Kari?" asked Davis angrily as he punched TK in the face.

"Davis, why can’t you just get over it?"

"Not until Kari is mine!!"

Davis continued to beat on TK. TK tried to fight back a little, but Davis kept him pinned to the ground with incredible force. Only when TK was pretty badly beaten was Davis satisfied and left.

Meanwhile, Kari opened the front door to let Miko outside. She noticed that TK had dropped his keys, and he was probably going to need them to get into his house. Tai drove her in the direction TK had walked off in.

On the way, they noticed someone beat up in the middle of the street. Kari immediately recognized it as TK. She reached over, slammed the brakes, and jumped out of the car.

"TK!! Are you alright? Speak to me!"

TK opened his eyes and gently touched Kari’s face as Tai rushed over.

"TK, who did this to you?"


"Don’t worry TK, you’re gonna be ok." Even though she knew it wasn’t going to be ok unless they got some help soon. Tai called up Matt, and them called for an ambulance.

Kari was so upset that she started to cry. TK reached up to brush a fallen tear away. "Don’t worry," TK said quietly, "You’ll see...I-I’ll be al-alright in n-no time."

The next thing she knew, TK was whisked away in an ambulance with Matt.


What will become of TK? Stayed tuned for the answer in part 3!

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